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Responsible gaming

Kajot Casino advocates responsible gambling and offers its customers a number of options in order to provide a safe and responsible gambling environment.


Protecting young people
When registering, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Kajot Casino does not permit those under 18 years old to open an online account and access games with casino software. Kajot Casino reserves the right to randomly carry out checks and block these accounts until the correct identification has been provided.


Are you gambling too often?
- Do you neglect your family, work or training in order to gamble?
- Does gambling lead to problems in your life? - Do you keep how much money you have gambled away secret?
- Have you often kept on gambling until you have gambled everything away?
- Do you gamble out of boredom or because you're unhappy?
- Do you gamble with money which is for the household budget/family?
- Do you see gambling as a way of earning money?
- Do you neglect other tasks or responsibilities in order to gamble?
- Do you have a guilty conscience after gambling?
- Have you ever borrowed money from family/friends in order to finance your gambling habit?
- Do you have trouble sleeping because of gambling?
- Do you gamble in order to forget your worries or problems?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may be a gambling addict. There are many organisations which can help you to overcome this problem!


Independent organisations


Bet limit
You can control your spending at any time. Under My Casino "Bet Limit", you can set a weekly bet limit or a maximum weekly loss. If you change your settings to a higher bet limit, it will not take effect for at least 7 days!


Self Exclusion
If you have a gambling problem, you can ask for your account to be blocked for a defined or undefined period of time. Under My Casino "Self Exclusion", you can have your account blocked immediately! Your account cannot then be unblocked for at least 7 days!
After having blocked your account, you can:


- no longer gamble with real money
- still withdraw money from your account.


Under My Casino "Playtime", you can also set a playtime limit per casino visit.


Child safety software
You can use special software such as, or to protect your children.