Super Lines 2

Good, better, super! With the well-loved four-reel-game, Super Lines 2, fun is in line with winning chances. Watch out for the bubble ring, which can lead you from bubble to bubble multiplying your winnings by up to four times. That is just super! Super Lines 2, a game for those, for whom good is not good enough!
  • 4 reels
  • 11 paylines
  • Joker: The joker is a replacement for other symbols.
  • Bonus Game: With every win, a bubble is activated in the bubble ring. If you manage to get one of the three bonus multipliers then you receive a multiplication of winnings on the next win of up to four times.
  • Gambling: Astronomical winnings can be achieved by multiple doubling of winnings after the game. After each game won, gambling starts. Winnings can be doubled in various rounds. There is also the security stage which acts as an extra part of the game: if the blue symbol appears, the actual amount of winnings cannot be lost in the rounds which follow.