Nitro 81

When your pulse accelerates at the same rate as the revs per minute, you're sitting behind the Nitro 81 wheel. Put the pedal to the metal in this four reel game with plenty of horse power and step up to the winners' rostrum! This doesn't take as long as you would think, if you quadruple your winnings with a cool bonus. So get in, step on the gas and win!
  • 4 reels
  • 81 paylines
  • Nicol-Bonus: With every "Nicol" symbol in the result, the counter increases by 1% in the Nicol Bonus. If you reach 100%, then the next win is tripled!
  • Nitro-Bonus Plus: When the "Nitro heart" symbol appears four times on the middle payline, the display increases by 25% in the Nitro Tacho. If you reach 100%, then the next five winnings are tripled!
  • Gambling: Astronomical winnings can be achieved by multiple doubling of winnings after the game. After each game won, gambling starts. Winnings can be doubled in various rounds. There is also the security stage which acts as an extra part of the game: if the blue symbol appears, the actual amount of winnings cannot be lost in the rounds which follow.