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Joker Dream

Do you dream of fantastic gaming pleasure and great opportunities to win? Then wake up and get on board with Joker Dream! In this popular five-reel game, you can't actually win in your sleep but the chances are good. Those who've had a good night's sleep are playing Joker Dream now - a dream of a game!
  • 5 reels
  • 5 paylines (paylines are evaluated from the left and from the right and on the 3 middle reels)
  • Joker: The joker counts as a substitution for other symbols
  • Bonus game: Above every reel there are 3 joker fields. If all joker fields appear on the reel, it's on! The complete reel changes into joker symbols and you get 5 free spins.
  • Gambling: Astronomical winnings can be achieved by multiple doubling of winnings after the game. After each game won, gambling starts. Winnings can be doubled in various rounds. There is also the security stage which acts as an extra part of the game: if the blue symbol appears, the actual amount of winnings cannot be lost in the rounds which follow.

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