High Five II

A high to the five! This classic game offers the highest entertainment value and gives winners a feeling of elation. Amazing opportunities to win and the chance to win bonuses keeps you wanting more. High Five II will soon be one of your favourite games, guaranteed. So, dive in and get going!
  • 3 reels
  • 5 paylines
  • Joker: The joker is a replacement for other symbols
  • Triple-Joker Special: With three jokers in one row, you get the winnings for each symbol.
  • Extra Bonus: Each symbol has its own set of bonus lines. The corresponding bonus line is activated with each win. When all bonus lines of one symbol are active, you get extra winnings. The active bonus lines are reset after each win. The bonus lines are managed separately for each bet value.
  • Gambling: Astronomical winnings can be achieved by multiple doubling of winnings after the game. After each game won, gambling starts. Winnings can be doubled in various rounds. There is also the security stage which acts as an extra part of the game: if the blue symbol appears, the actual amount of winnings cannot be lost in the rounds which follow.