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Book Of

Take the chance to break the seal on the Book of Una! This 5-reel game features 20 selectable paylines. With the right hand, you get the chance for 10 free spins. Open the b ...   More info

Reels of

Discover the ancient treasuries of the mighty Pharaohs and receive rich gifts! The symbols on the five reels with 20 selectable paylines will bring you countless treasures. ...   More info

Retro Wheels

Let's Rock! This 5-reel game features 50 selectable paylines on 4 hot levels. Juicy cherries and classic symbols are the dream of every slot lover.   More info


Who will remain strong and who will lose their nerve? The unique game with the Joker that seeks the best spot in the bonus scheme. Unique distribution of winnings thanks ...   More info


Who will become the Lord of the Ring in this devilishly wonderful 5-reel game? This fiery game provides the hottest entertainment for everyone. So let's get started in ...   More info


This scarily brilliant 5-reel game offers you awesomely good winning opportunities! Enjoy the ghostly entertainment, the exciting and bewitching game and you'll have a ...   More info


Ready, steady, go – and they're off on winners' row! Speed Club is the exciting, fun game for everyone who can't win quickly enough.   More info


Take the plunge and win. The fantastic game "Lucky Pearl" lets you dive into a world below the surface of the deep sea. The legendary whale Moby Dick and other fabulous pe ...   More info


Once upon a time ... there was a fairyland full of good fortune and fantastic wins! There is a real Lucky Dragon that spreads his wings and instead of fire breathes sensatio ...   More info


The perfect wave for super chances of winning! In the five-reel game Superwave 34, luck always swims to the top on a whole 34 paylines and sends you up to six Superwaves.   More info

Hotlines 34

Hot, hotter, Hotlines 34! This hot five-reel game promises fun and winning chances right down the line. The game features 34 paylines and up to six Hotlines symbols ar ...   More info


Fruit salad is out! Now you can get a taste of fruity fun with Crazy Fruits and harvest the sweet fruits of good fortune.   More info


Look out, there's diamond fever in town! In this popular five-reel game, luck sparkles like a precious diamond in the sun. A shining multi-joker doubles your winnings and ...   More info


Simply golden! The five-reel-game, Simply Gold 2, gilds your chances of winning with scatter wins and double wins, the sensational doubling of winnings with 15 of the sam ...   More info


Lucky Bar is the joyous union of huge amounts of gaming enjoyment and great winning chances. This five-reel game beckons with 5 free spins, if - with some luck - the who ...   More info

Moko Mania

Nothing lasts forever, they say. Apart from a tattoo and the gaming fun in Moko Mania! This enticingly good five-reel game offers you the unique lotus joker and comes u ...   More info


We all play in a yellow Submarine! Dive into the deep sea of gambling fun and winning chances with this undersea craft. This oceanically good five-reel game comes up tru ...   More info

Frog King

Don't listen to fairytales, instead rely on the fabled luck of Frog King! This fairytale five-reel game scores points with royal winning chances and the chance of a myst ...   More info


Attention all adventurers and soldiers of fortune: Just like with the legendary treasure of the Aztecs, gold; real riches, winning chances and action await you in this five ...   More info

Fly For

It can fly, it can fly, it can fly - gaming fun reaches new heights! In the five-reel game Fly For Gold, you can use your brave little plane to compete against other campaign ...   More info


Do you dream of fantastic gaming pleasure and great opportunities to win? Then wake up and get on board with Joker Dream! In this popular five-reel game, you can't actually wi ...   More info

Stone Age

Watch out, things are about to get prehistorically good! In the cool five-reel game Stone Age, it's not just Flintstones and Rubbles who will have heaps of stony fun; ple ...   More info