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Joker 81

Well-known symbols, new feeling! The well-known slot shows itself from its best side. With an unbelievable number of up to 81 paylines, there are no limits to your chances of ...   More info


It's getting hot in the Hot Factor game! Hot opportunities to win spring up when you least expect it. Incredible features with an unbelievable 81 paylines.   More info


The reel game with the traditional game symbols and the spectacular Joker. The game with the most paylines and the chance to win unimaginable amounts.   More info


Attention: luck is firing on all cylinders in the Joker Area! Four reels spin at your command and if the well camouflaged joker falls in on the middle paylines you get four bo ...   More info


You can win, if you want! The features of the four-reel-game, Karaoke King, sound like music to the ears of every fan of gambling.   More info


Be a Star, be a Super-Star! A shining new star in the game's sky has what it takes to be a real star. The cool four-reel-game, Super Star 81, combines amazing chances of w ...   More info


Good, better, super! With the well-loved four-reel-game, Super Lines 2, fun is in line with winning chances. Watch out for the bubble ring, which can lead you from bubble ...   More info

Star 81

In Joker Star 81 there is only one real star and that's you! This prominent four-reel game sparkles with the legendary multi-joker, who will double your winnings.   More info

London Pub

Down a pint of ale, fill your pipe and get lucky! When playing the very British four reel game London Pub, it is easy to lose track of time.   More info


A safe, filled to the brim with gaming fun and winning chances, is waiting for you! Crack it open and fill your pockets with lots and lots of lucky dollars.   More info

Nitro 81

When your pulse accelerates at the same rate as the revs per minute, you're sitting behind the Nitro 81 wheel. Put the pedal to the metal in this four reel game with plen ...   More info