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Master Go

The prince of darkness asks for a dance. Can you resist him? When the sun goes down, the vampires wake up - and with them the demonic good odds of winning this three-reel ...   More info

Vegas 27

Viva Las Vegas! Bring the capital of entertainment to life with Vegas 27 Go! As if the usual three reels and 27 pay lines are not enough, you can also double your winnings in ...   More info

Simply the
Best 27 Go

It has never been so easy to be the best! That's what three reels with a total of 27 pay lines are all about, just for you to shine in a new light. It gets even bet ...   More info

Turbo 27

Can't you go fast enough, then ignite the turbo and play with us! This freshly tuned three-reel game leaves nothing to be desired. Whether wild cards, doubles or bonus games: ...   More info

Joker 27

Make 27 your new lucky number! The ideal combination of three reels, which shine only for you in a completely new light, not only allows you a thrilling gaming experience, bu ...   More info


The fruit dance for revellers! Amazing fun for gamers who prefer traditional fruit symbols along with Jokers and the brilliant opportunity of multiplying winnings.   More info


Fun and excitement from dawn until dusk. Count Dracula and Vampirella give you great opportunities to win and they can hardly wait to take you into this demonically good ...   More info


A high to the five! This classic game offers the highest entertainment value and gives winners a feeling of elation. Amazing opportunities to win and the chance to win b ...   More info


Real winners can now show their best poker face! With the popular 3-reel game Joker Plus II you enjoy games, fun and excitement. A winner's smile is guaranteed to appea ...   More info


Three reels, 27 paylines and a nice Joker! A real Joker lover couldn't ask for more. This exciting 3-reel game does not only offer you amazing winning opportunities, ...   More info

Dynamite 27

Explosive fun! Gold-diggers and prospectors are bound to strike a rich vein or two in this entertaining three-reel game including joker and bonus winnings.   More info

Simply the
Best 27

It doesn't get any better than this! Because this excellent three-reel game combines the best fun with even better chances of winning on 27 paylines. And watch out for ...   More info


All good things come in sevens! With this cool three-reel game there is no need for a seven-year itch in order to win. Join in now and reach the "glorious seven" over 3 bon ...   More info


With this turbo-strong three-reel game the pedal is to the metal both in terms of winning chances and gaming fun and double win and bonus games will put you in the fast l ...   More info

Vegas 27

"Rien ne va plus – Nothing goes anymore", as they say in Las Vegas at the roulette table. With Vegas 27, however, something - nearly - always goes!   More info

Mania II

Attention: This Joker can quickly cast a spell on you! Because in this cool three-reel game, gaming fun and winning chances are equally "maniatastic".   More info

Kajot Lines

Now it's gambling time! Nowhere is the fruit so sweet, the stars so bright. Nowhere do the bells chime so beautifully, as in Kajot Lines.   More info

Tropical 7

In Tropical 7 even experienced jungle warriors will break out in a sweat. Since this beast of a three-reel game doesn't just heat things up with hot win features. Tropi ...   More info

Bonus Star

Lucky stars are shining for all those who want to use great winning chances now! And you don't need to search the sky, a glance at the screen will do.   More info

Big Apple

Look out, a garden full of sweet fruits is waiting for you here! In the fruity three-reel game Big Apple, you can pick gaming fun and juicy chances to win by the barrel.   More info